Titanfall 2 is a forgotten masterpiece

The original Titanfall was a hit, whilst I’d never picked it up it was easy to see that the game was met with major success. It was a fresh and unique shooting experience in a genre oversaturated with repetitive gameplay and narratives.

The gameplay was fast and exhilarating; scaling buildings and blasting away enemies to leap into your giant titan to unleash devastation upon the battlefield was amazing. The only problem was that it was exclusive to Xbox and that it was multiplayer only. The exclusivity meant a lot of people didn’t get to try it and since it was only multiplayer it turned a lot of people away. Respawn took what made the first game so great and just built upon it, a single player campaign was added, and the multiplayer was improved with more content and refined mechanics.


Titanfall 2 released between Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1 which did have an impact on sales and it sadly flew under the radar for a ton of people. However, the game was met with high praise and to this day, still has a loyal fan base. So, what made Titanfall 2 amazing exactly?

The multiplayer was always going to be solid, the speed you felt as a pilot and power you felt as a titan was something else. Whilst the first game had three titans, the sequel contained six; each one felt unique and played very differently to each other due to the different abilities and weapons they carried. You’d start with Ion, which was the default titan and had a very basic loadout but after leveling up you could unlock new, more diverse titans. The long-distance sniper-like titan, Northstar, would be great for players who prefer picking off enemies from across the map.

But a titan like Ronin, who bears resemblance to a samurai, is all about getting up close and personal. He can deflect bullets before phasing into an enemy titan to slice them apart with his giant blade. You’d quickly find a titan that would become your titan and best friend on the battlefield. The multiplayer was always going to be fantastic but how was the single-player campaign?

It was brilliant. You play as Jack Cooper, a newly trained pilot who is quickly paired with BT-7247 after BT’s original pilot is killed. The main story whilst generic is still a good, solid and fun campaign. Gunfights are chaotic and there’s some great platforming, the game also doesn’t shy away from spectacular cinematic moments and set pieces, there’s no doubt it’s a triple-A campaign. The bond between Cooper and BT is also surprisingly entertaining, it feels natural and by no means forced.


Regarding gameplay, everything great about the first game has been carried over with little improvements to make it that much better. It’s even more fluid than the original with tighter controls and the enhancements to how you move. Wall jumping between buildings to grapple onto the top of a roof and jumping onto a titan seamlessly is amazing.

Respawn has created one of the best shooters of the decade and I mean that. It’s a shame a lot more people didn’t get to experience this game but that’s exactly why I’m writing this. I want more people to play this game because it truly is one of the best in the genre. With a great story mode and a fantastic multiplayer experience, it’s a game that stands proudly in the hierarchy of modern gaming.

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